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Master’s Student Found New Direction in Nuclear Engineering

Caleb Noe, master’s student in nuclear engineering

Although he graduated from UT in spring 2022 as a biomedical engineering (BME) major, Caleb Noe is currently in his first semester as a master’s student in nuclear engineering (NE). He was able to discover his new career path through the Interdisciplinary Senior Design (ISD) course at UT.

“It’s an invaluable experience,” said Keith Stanfill, Edwards Assistant Dean and Director of Integrated Engineering Design at UT. “In an ISD, Tickle and Haslam College seniors learn to write and speak at a professional level, collaborate across other disciplines, and work under the guidance of expert faculty and industry mentors.”

Find out more about Noe and how his background in biomedical engineering and his work with United Cleanup Oak Ridge (UCOR) through ISD led him to his current master’s program at UT.