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Through a framework of professional socialization and professionalism, networking and relationship building, communication and presentation skills, career development and management, and well-being and personal development, GPSPD provides ways for graduate and professional students to forge their own paths to their future.

GPSPD (Graduate and Professional Student Professional Development) is a cross-campus initiative to empower students to pursue their own career pathway, help students develop a flexible view of career options, assist in the building of mentoring networks, advocate for graduate professional development among the campus community, and provide access to tools and training to strengthen skills in teaching, research and career.

Professional Development Framework

The GPSPD team has worked to create a framework for professional development that can help guide graduate and professional students to opportunities that can help them achieve their career goals.

Professional Socialization & Professionalism

Learn skills and competencies to become a professional in research and applied settings.

Networking & Relationship Building

Professional opportunities such as internships, grants, and collaborations are often acquired through professional networks.

Communication & Presentation Skills

Writing and speaking to the public and within your field are critical for professional success.

Career Development & Management

Cultivate the skills to assess opportunities and take strategic risks.

Well-Being & Personal Development

It is important to understand the demands of graduate life and professional life.