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Permission to Repeat a Graduate Course

This form is for graduate students wishing to repeat a course in which they earned a grade of D or F. A course can only be repeated once and no more than two courses can be repeated within a degree program.

Instructions for Graduate Students

  1. Fill out all fields under the Graduate Students Only section, being sure to do the following:

    • Provide information for the course you plan to repeat.
    • Provide a justification for repeating the course.
  2. Print the filled out form.
  3. Sign the form in the Graduate Students Only section.
  4. Give the form to your advisor/major professor.

Instructions for Advisor/Major Professor

  1. If the permission to repeat the course is approved, your advisor/major professor must print their name, provide a signature, and a date.
  2. Deliver the form to the graduate school by one of the following methods:

    • scanning the form (after signing it) to PDF and emailing the PDF to the Graduate School at (this email must come from the email of the advisor/major professor)
    • sending the form by campus mail to the Graduate School
    • delivering the form in person to the Graduate School