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Permission to Repeat a Graduate Course

This form is for graduate students wishing to repeat a course in which they earned a grade of D or F. A course can only be repeated once and no more than two courses can be repeated within a degree program.

Instructions for Graduate Students

  1. Fill out all fields under the Graduate Students Only section, being sure to do the following:
    • Provide information for the course you plan to repeat.
    • Provide a justification for repeating the course.
  2. You will need to apply your own signature. There are two options for acquiring the signatures: electronic or original signatures. To use electronic signatures, use Adobe Acrobat Reader to apply your signature and then send to the instructor or advisor to have them apply their electronic signature and return it to you. Alternatively, you and your instructor or advisor should sign with pen where indicated.

Instructions for Advisor/Major Professor

In order to approve this form, the advisor/major professor must apply a signature. There are two ways to sign the form and deliver to the Graduate School:

  • If the student emailed the filled-out form to you, you may apply an electronic signature where indicated. Once the file has been saved, it can be emailed to
  • If the student delivered a printed form to you, you will need to apply a physical signature and then submit the form to the Graduate School for processing in one of the following ways:
    • Scan the signed form and email it to
    • Send the form by mail to the Graduate School.
    • Return the form to the student to deliver the form in person to the Graduate School main office.