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Graduate Student Orientations

Get a good beginning to your first semester at UT as a graduate student with our fall orientations.

Orientations 2021

The New Graduate Student Orientation, which will take place on August 9 from 8:30am–3:00pm, is designed to provide all new graduate students with the information they need to get a good start in their program. This year’s program will include presentations and breakout sessions on financing graduate education and research, student health insurance, the UT Libraries, professional development, and much more.

The New Graduate Teaching Assistant/Associate Orientation is designed to prepare graduate students (most of whom are new to the university) to succeed as an instructor. There are sessions on inclusive teaching processes, library resources for instructors, student conduct, student success, and others. This orientation will take place on August 10, from 8:30am–2:15pm.

This year we will be offering a Community Fair, in which units and organizations from the UT community will be present to speak with new students. This event, on August 11, from 11:00am–1:00pm will be in person, outside on the Pedestrian Walkway, with all safety protocols in place. Besides being able to speak to members of the UT community at their tables, there will be refreshments provided.

Please note that information on registering for these orientations is sent to all newly admitted students with instructions on how to get access to the registration form. If you are a newly admitted student who has not gotten this information or if you are a current student wishing to attend one of the orientations because you have not had the chance to attend one, please contact Sean Hendricks at

Previous Orientations

The following information was presented at the Fall 2020 Graduate Student Orientation. Whether you are a new graduate student or a current graduate student, feel free to review the videos and the FAQ.

UT Libraries
The UT Libraries offer an array of services, resources, and expertise that can be invaluable to graduate students. In this virtual introduction to the libraries, you’ll learn where to find and how to access resources on the library website; how to connect with experts throughout the library; and the wide array of services the Libraries provides.
Emerging Community Engaged Scholars
As the state’s flagship R1 university, community engagement is in our DNA. This presentation is designed to increase participants’ knowledge and enhance their practice of engagement, outreach, and engaged scholarship through active and real-world experiences. Discussions for those interested in research and creative activity that contribute to their discipline while making a positive impact on local, regional, national, or global communities will be facilitated.
Title IX: An Introduction to Your Rights
This presentation will introduce the Office of Title IX at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. Participants will understand the federal law, Title IX, the role of the Office of Title IX at UT, our policy how to access supportive services for oneself or a friend through both on-and-off campus supports, and how to engage in prevention of sexual harassment at UT.
Integrity Matters
Hannah Samawi will engage graduate students in a discussion about the meaning of integrity as well as common Student Conduct Code violations. Information on academic misconduct will also be provided, as well as campus resources that can support graduate students during their academic careers. Students will also be shown where they can access the Code of Conduct and how to report any violations.
International Education at UT
For both American and International students, graduate studies provides different opportunities and challenges than your undergraduate experience. The Center for Global Engagement offers programs and support, but you need to be thinking outside the box in order to make the most of your time here. Learn what you can do to enhance your international and intercultural skills while at UT.
Office of Information Technology
Whether you are taking classes, teaching classes, or doing research, you are invited to learn about the technology resources available to you. Some of the resources available to graduate students include research software, online survey tools, Wi-Fi, Canvas, Zoom, technology in the classrooms, and more.