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Revised Admission to Candidacy — Doctoral Degree

Use this form when you have submitted your admission to candidacy to a Doctorate degree, but need to revise your candidacy by adding or removing courses.

Download the Form

Instructions for Student

  1. Fill out the Student section of the form, using as many Add Course or Delete Course fields as necessary.
  2. If you want to use electronic signatures, use Adobe Acrobat Reader to apply your signature, and then email the signed form to your major professor, who will complete the process.

Instructions for Major Professor

  1. Please review and verify the information provided by the student.
  2. Please indicate your approval of the changes by printing your name and signing this form. There are two methods for signing the form:
    • If the student has applied an electronic signature and emailed it to you, you may sign the form electronically, and then email the signed PDF to the Graduate School at (this email must come from the email of the major professor).
    • If the student has signed the form physically, you will need to sign it and scan it. The completed form must be emailed to the Graduate School by the department (no student submissions will be accepted). The completed form cannot be accepted by the Graduate School if it is sent from a student email account; it must be sent from the email of a departmental representative.