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Request to Use a Foreign Language in Preparation of the Thesis or Dissertation

The thesis or dissertation normally should be written in English. Under exceptional circumstances, another language may be used if prior approval is obtained from the Graduate School. A request to write in a language other than English should be submitted to the Dean of the Graduate School by the student’s committee chair, with endorsement by the department head and dean of the college, prior to Admission to Candidacy for the degree sought. The request should include a detailed justification for the exception. In all cases, one thesis or dissertation abstract must be written in English.


  1. Fill out all requested fields.
  2. Provide the NetID of your committee chair and your department head, so that they are provided with copies of the form to sign. Failure to provide the correct NetID for either can significantly delay the processing of this form.
  3. Electronically sign where indicated, and submit the form so that it can be sent for approval.