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Reinstatement Request

Use this form to request reinstatement, following an approved Leave of Absence.

Graduate students who obtained an approved Leave of Absence (LOA) are eligible for reinstatement if all of the following are true:

  • Reinstatement is requested for a term/year prior to, but no later than, the term indicated and approved on the LOA request form.
  • Reinstatement is for the same major and degree that was on the approved LOA Request form.
  • No violations of the Student Conduct Code occurred during the LOA that would have been grounds for suspension or dismissal had the violations occurred while the student was enrolled.

Graduate students who did not obtain an approved LOA in accordance with Graduate School policy prior to interrupting their enrollment (excluding summer) are not eligible for reinstatement. Those students instead must submit a Readmission Application (through the Graduate Admissions Office) to be accepted and readmitted to their program (or a different program) to re-activate their enrollment and student status.


  1. Confer with your Department Head or Director of Graduate Studies prior to the expiration of your approved LOA to discuss the term/year of your reinstatement and any conditions related to resuming your studies post-LOA.
  2. Complete Reinstatement Form, filling out all fields.
  3. Be sure to provide the NetID of your Department Head and the Director of Graduate Studies. Use the links provided to look up your Department Head and Director of Graduate Studies, if necessary.
  4. Sign the form electronically, as instructed by the form, and submit.
  5. Upon notification of your reinstatement, register for the approved term/year by the University timetable deadline.

Notifications will be sent to the Director of Graduate Studies and Department Head for them to sign. After the form has been signed and approved, you will receive a notification and instructions on how to view and download a copy of the form.

You may wish to check with your department to see if they require you to send them a copy after you receive it.

Important Notes

  • Plan ahead: Initiate the reinstatement process with your Department Head / Director of Graduate Studies at least two months prior to the term/year you wish to return from your approved LOA.
  • If you are a dual degree student pursuing two graduate degrees in more than one college, and your leave was approved by both, you will need to request reinstatement from each college.
  • Cancelling registrations: An approved LOA does NOT automatically cancel any registrations. If you are enrolled for the term(s) included in the approved LOA, you must cancel your registration(s) and withdraw from UT. Failure to withdraw from MyUTK will result in billing and assigned grades for the term(s).
  • Registration: you must register the term/year for which you are approved for reinstatement. Failure to do so will invalidate your reinstatement; you would then be required to apply for readmission.