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Sequence of Pages

All Electronic Theses and Dissertations (ETDs) accepted by the Graduate School must contain certain pages in a certain sequence. They also must be numbered according to Graduate School guidelines. The preliminary pages must be numbered using lowercase Roman numerals. The page numbering starts again with the main body of your document. View the documentation for your word processing software to understand how to manage page numbering. Microsoft has support for Word 2013 and Word 2016 on page numbering.

The following shows how each of the parts of an ETD is ordered and how the page numbers are assigned.

ETD Page Sequence

Title Page This page is assigned lowercase Roman numeral one (i), but the number is suppressed, meaning that the page is counted, but the number is not visible.
Copyright Page (optional)

Dedication (optional)

Acknowledgment(s) (optional)

Preface (optional)

Table of Contents, with page references

List of Tables, with titles and page references (if more than 5 tables)

List of Figures, with titles and page references (if more than 5 figures)

List of Abbreviations, List of Symbols (optional)

These pages are assigned using lowercase Roman numerals, beginning with “ii”. This page number should be one inch from the top or bottom edge of the page.
Chapters or major divisions, Including:

  • Introduction
  • Main body


Vita (not a CV)

These pages are assigned Arabic numerals starting with “1”