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Endowed Graduate Fellowship Awardees for 2024-2025

Awards for the Endowed Graduate Fellowships and the Carolyn R. Hodges Graduate Fellowship offered by the Graduate School have been distributed. We are happy to announce that the following incoming and returning students will receive awards for 2024-2025.

New Students

The following fellowships are offered to students starting in fall 2024.

Isobel Griscom Graduate Fellowship

  • Ilana Shtivelman—PhD, geology

Seaton Graduate Fellowships

  • Nishtiman Awsman—MA, sociology
  • Kendra Graham—PhD, kinesiology and sport studies
  • Jong Sung Kim—PhD, social work
  • Tori Niemiec—MFA, theatre
  • Kallye Smith—PhD, English
  • Junchen Xia—PhD, management science

Herman E. Spivey Humanities Graduate Fellowships

  • Bret Berry—MFA, art
  • Chiagoziem Jideofor—PhD, English
  • Katherine Wilkes—MMusic, music

J. Wallace and Katie Dean Graduate Fellowships

  • Aditi—PhD, anthropology
  • Alejandra Angarita Laverde—PhD, education
  • Lethamaga Mabula—MFA, art
  • Matthew Nicol—PhD, philosophy
  • Gabriel Pedelty Ovsiew—PhD, psychology
  • Keelee Pullum—PhD, ecology and evolutionary biology
  • Prince Samoh—PhD, chemical engineering
  • Laura Stanley—PhD, counselor education

Rowland Family Scholarships

  • Brandon Krieg—PhD, psychology
  • Caitlin Jones—PhD, geology
  • Conner Lesh—PhD, ecology and environmental biology
  • Reese Saho—PhD, microbiology

Carolyn R. Hodges Graduate Fellowships

  • Emmanuel Afriyie—PhD, geography
  • Curdajah Bonner—MA, sociology
  • Katherine Haugh—PhD, nuclear engineering
  • Jessh Mavoungou—PhD, kinesiology and sport studies
  • Ucheoma Onwutuebe—PhD, English
  • MacKenzie Pina—MA, anthropology
  • Zapouria Wadley—MS, management and human resources

Returning Students

The following fellowships are offered to current graduate students returning for fall 2024.

Shipley-Swann Graduate School Fellowships

  • Dler Awsman—MA, sociology
  • Jeronimo Gomes Da Silva Nieto—PhD, comparative and experimental medicine
  • Andrew North—MArch, architecture
  • Jaachina Okafor—PhD, management science
  • Connor White—PhD, English

Oscar Roy Ashley Graduate School Fellowships

  • Mohammad Rahanur Alam—PhD, nutritional sciences
  • Evan Basting—PhD, psychology
  • Katarina McGuire—PhD, sociology
  • Katrina Stack—PhD, geography

Yates Dissertation Fellowships

  • Rossana Diaz—PhD, sociology
  • Daire Jansson—PhD, public health sciences
  • Caterina Obenauf—PhD, psychology
  • Troy Polidori—PhD, philosophy
  • Hannah Thompson—PhD, child and family studies