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Grad Student Athlete Researches Sports Injuries

Ashley Rogers, a graduate student in biomechanics, just so happens to be one of the best pitchers in Tennessee softball history. Rogers is combining her passion for softball with her research goals to improve the sport for future players. As a longtime softball player, Rogers has battled stress-related pitching injuries since high school. Now, with access to UT’s Biomechanics and Sports Medicine Laboratory and mentorship from Associate Professor of Biomechanics Joshua Weinhandl, she’s using motion analysis technology to discover how to rehabilitate and prevent those injuries.

Learn more about Rogers and her research in the video below:

It Takes a Volunteer – Ashley Rogers

Watch on YouTube: Ashley Rogers is known as one of the best pitchers in Tennessee softball history. A graduate student in biomechanics, she’s working to also be known for research that will improve the sport long after she hangs up her glove.