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2017 3MT Semi-Final Competition Results

The 2017 3MT® Semi-Final Competition finished up on Thursday, March 9. This competition, a collaboration between the academic colleges and the Graduate School, brought graduate students from across the campus to present their research to audiences using the basic premise of “3 Minutes, 1 Slide”. Each participant was given three minutes and a single slide to share their work in a way that audiences from many different backgrounds could understand. The rules are those set down by the 3MT® (Three Minute Thesis) organization.

As expected, the participants gave an incredible show, exemplifying the incredible caliber of research done by graduate students at UT. All of the participants were amazing, but 12 presenters will be moving on to the final competition to be held on April 7, at 1:00 p.m. in Hollingsworth Auditorium. The following are the finalists:

  • Arkadipta Bakshi—College of Arts and Sciences
  • Tori Couture—College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources
  • Jamie Grieg—College of Communication and Information
  • Lindsey Herren—College of Social Work
  • Rachel Herwick—College of Veterinary Medicine
  • Amy Michael—College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources
  • Steven Panageotou—College of Arts and Sciences
  • Kim Powell—College of Nursing
  • Vincent Price—College of Education, Health and Human Sciences
  • Matthew Smith—College of Arts and Sciences
  • Elizabeth Thomas—College of Arts and Sciences
  • Kristen Wyckoff—Tickle College of Engineering

Please join the Graduate School in congratulating these finalists and all of the participants of this competition. And be sure to put April 7 in your calendar and come out for the finals!