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Senior Requesting Graduate Credit

This application is for undergraduate seniors who intend to apply to graduate school and are registering a course for which graduate credit is offered. By submitting this application, you are declaring your intention to use this course for credit towards your graduate degree program.

The deadline for this application is the deadline for undergraduate final registration. Check One Stop for the deadlines that apply to the semester for the course you have included in this application.

Application Criteria

You may only apply for graduate credit if all of the following are true:

  • You are currently enrolled as a full-time undergraduate senior at the University of Tennessee with a minimum 3.0 grade-point average (GPA), or have been admitted to an accelerated combined bachelor’s/master’s program.
  • You are a senior who needs fewer than 30 semester hours to complete the requirements for your bachelor’s degree.
  • You are requesting graduate credit for the course listed in your application.
  • The number of credit hours registered will not exceed 18 semester hours for fall/spring or 12 semester hours for summer.
  • You understand that courses taken for graduate credit cannot be used towards both a baccalaureate and a graduate degree, except in the case of approved accelerated combined bachelor’s/master’s programs.
  • You understand that there is a maximum of 9 hours of graduate credit that can be obtained at the 400 and/or 500 level.

Application Process

If you meet the criteria outlined above, you are eligible to request permission to earn graduate credit. Please complete the following steps:

  • Before you submit the form, register for the course via MyUTK.
  • After you register for the course, complete all information on this form, being sure to list the title and CRN for the course that you wish to take for graduate credit.
  • Provide your signature, the signature of your major advisor, and the signature of the instructor using either physical signatures (with a pen) or electronic signatures. To use electronic signatures, email the file to each in turn (do not send to both at the same time). They will send the signed file back to you to send to the next person.
  • Deliver this form and a copy of your schedule to the Graduate School before the undergraduate deadline for final registration, or your advisor can scan and email the form with your schedule to If you used electronic signatures, you may have your advisor email the signed form to
  • If your request is approved, you will receive e-mail notification.
  • Upon notification that your request has been approved, check your registration schedule.

Department Instructions

When you receive a form to sign by a student, sign and return it in one of the following ways:

  • If the student sent a file by email that allows you to use electronic signatures, apply your signature, and email the saved form back to the student.
  • If the student sent a file that does not allow you to use an electronic signature, print it, sign it, scan it, and email it back to the student.
  • If the student brought the form to you personally, simply sign with a pen and return it.