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Request for Time Extension

This form is to be used by graduate students to request more time to complete a degree than that specified by academic policy.

Time Limits

The following are the standard time limits, excerpted from the Graduate Catalog.

Master’s Degrees

Candidates have six calendar years to complete the degree, starting at the beginning of the semester of the first course counted toward the degree. Students who change degree programs during this six-year period may be granted an extension after review and approval by the Dean of the Graduate School. In any event, courses used toward a master’s degree must have been taken within six calendar years of graduation.

Specialist in Education Degrees

Candidates have six calendar years from the time of entry into the last 30 hours of their degree programs to complete the Specialist in Education degree.

Doctoral Degrees

Comprehensive examinations must be taken within five years, and all requirements must be completed within eight years, from the time of a student’s first enrollment in a doctoral degree program.

Instructions for Student

  1. With guidance from your advisor and in compliance with graduate school deadlines, work with your advisor to create a structured plan of study for the completion of your degree, including objectives, timeline, and target dates.
  2. Fill out all fields on the form in the Student section.
  3. You can sign the form either using electronic signatures, or you can print it out and sign it with a pen.
  4. If you have used an electronic signature, save the form and e-mail it to your department’s Director of Graduate Studies, along with your structured plan of study. If you have signed it with a pen, scan it and send it by email to your Director of Graduate Studies, along with your structured plan of study.
  5. If your Director of Graduate Studies endorses your request, they will send it to the Graduate School.

Instructions for Director of Graduate Studies

  1. Review the information on the form provided by the student.
  2. If you endorse the request, please check the box indicating your acknowledgement and endorsement. If the student has sent it to you with an electronic signature, you have the option of signing with an electronic signature. Otherwise, sign it and scan the form.
  3. Email the form and plan of study to the Graduate School specialists at with the subject of “Submission Request for Time Extension Form”. Note that this form will not be acceptable if it comes from any email address other than your UT email account.