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Admission to a Graduate Certificate Program

Graduate certificate programs provide focused areas of study for the following types of students:

  • students who are pursuing other academic programs at the master’s or doctoral level
  • students who have already earned a master’s degree or a doctorate
  • students who are post-baccalaureate and enrolled solely in graduate certificate programs

If you are new to UT, and are interested in a graduate certificate program, you will first need to apply for acceptance into the Graduate School, as with any other graduate program. If you are a previously-enrolled UT graduate student, you will need to be readmitted to the Graduate School.

If you are currently enrolled at UT, you have two options:

  • Add-on Option: add a graduate certificate program to your current degree program, or
  • Stand-Alone Option: apply to a graduate certificate program following graduation from your current degree program

International students on F or J VISA types should contact the Center for Global Engagement regarding adding a graduate certificate program. International students may not be eligible to apply to some stand-alone graduate certificate programs based on the length or structure of the program. These programs are identified in the online application for admission.

Students should apply for an add-on certificate prior to the completion of six-semester hours towards the certificate requirements.

In either case, you can do that through the Office of Graduate Admissions, as shown below.

Apply Online


  1. Log into the Graduate Admissions application portal, as you did when applying to your degree program.
  2. Indicate your admission type by selecting that you are a new, returning, or current student. Note: If you are a current student applying for an add-on certificate you must indicate so in your admission type.
  3. Select either the On Campus or Distance Education option. Note: If you are applying for an add-on certificate you must select the option that aligns with your current program. 
  4. Based on the options selected, you will choose from a list of available certificate programs.
  5. Ensure that you have fulfilled any requirements as indicated in the online application.
  6. If you are choosing the stand-alone option, pay the $30 non-refundable fee by credit/debit card.
  7. Submit the online application.

Making Corrections to Your Application

To make corrections or changes to an existing Graduate School application, please contact the Office of Graduate AdmissionsDO NOT submit another online application.