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Strategizing for Life after the PhD

October 29, 11:30am-1:00pm

Graduate school can seem like a mysterious yet exciting undertaking in a student’s professional career. The intense nature of scientific research, minimal access to professional development, and unanticipated character building that comes with obtaining a PhD is often only realized once students are deep into their doctoral programs. These unexpected phenomena can make it difficult for student’s to maintain high performance consistently throughout their training and create cycles of emotional stress, isolation, feelings of uncertainty, and lessened productivity. Additionally, students are often not encouraged to explore and plan for potential careers after their terminal degree until they reach the latest stages in their dissertation completion. A paradigm shift is necessary in order for students to better manage their graduate training and take more ownership over this aspect of their professional journey. Graduate training should allow for students to develop and build skills and strategies to be successful after the PhD especially in the careers that students desire for themselves.

The primary objective of this interactive workshop is to provide guidance and tools for current and incoming graduate students to establish intentional practices to operate with purpose as they pursue their PhDs and to develop strategies early in their journey to plan for future careers after the degree. Upon completion of this workshop participants will:

  • Gain a better understanding of the purpose of a PhD and expectations for graduate training.
  • Develop a mindset and productivity plan for maintaining high levels of performance until program completion.
  • Create a strategic plan to maximize benefits and resources during graduate training towards a successful career after the PhD.

Speaker: Renã AS Robinson, PhD, founder of Purposeful PhD

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