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The Graduate School offers templates for your review or use. Note that while they are examples of acceptable formatting, they do not represent the only ways to correctly format a thesis/dissertation for the University of Tennessee, Knoxville.

Microsoft Word Templates

We have a few MS Word templates available for your reference. The formatting requirements for theses and dissertations are identical, so these templates should be used by both Masters and PhD students.

Standard Template

This template has page numbers placed on the bottom of the document.

Multi-part Template

You may want to use this template if you are writing a “multi-part” or manuscript thesis/dissertation

LaTeX Template

There is a Graduate School LaTeX template courtesy of student Darrin Weber. (LaTeX is a highly recommended open source document compiler. You can find information online, including templates for specific journals and professional organizations. Start with The LaTeX Project.)

The Graduate School does NOT provide support for this template. Information or formatting therein may not reflect your situation. Furthermore, while this template provides one correct way of interpreting most of the University of Tennessee Graduate School formatting guidelines, it is not intended to present the only way of interpreting these guidelines nor does it imply that all formatting requirements will automatically be met by using this template.