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Attending Faculty

The Graduate School encourages faculty to attend the hooding ceremony to show their support for the achievements of their students.

The following is a guide for faculty attending either as a Faculty Hooder or Supporting Faculty.

It is recommended that faculty arrive by at least 7:45 a.m. in order to provide for time to gather prior to lineup.


Gates to Thompson-Boling will open 90 minutes before the ceremony for everyone, including attending faculty. Faculty should enter at the lower level media entrance near the G10 parking garage for check-in. Balloons will mark the entrance.

  • Wear your regalia to the arena, but leave it unzipped. This will expedite the security lines. Metal detectors will be in use.
  • Please do not bring any items into the arena with you that will not fit into your pockets. Once you cross the stage, you may not return to your exact seat on the floor.
  • You do not need a ticket for entry.


If you are attending to hood a doctoral candidate, you should arrange to meet your graduating student in the Ray Mears Room. This is an excellent opportunity to meet up with your candidate so that you are together for the processional.


All graduates will participate in a processional. Lineup will begin at 8:00 a.m. Graduates will be directed back toward the media entrance to look for their designated area. Hooders and graduates do not have to be in any order, as long as they are together at the proper college and degree level.

Be certain to have arranged to meet with your graduate so that you will be together in the line for the processional. Being together in the processional will ensure that you are seated together which is critical for a smooth ceremony experience. If you are unable to stand during the line-up period, there will be limited seating available near the lines.

Graduates will be split into two lines. The lines will process at the same time up the center aisle and doctoral graduates and hooders will turn right to be seated on the right side of the arena floor.


We estimate that the ceremony will last about 2.5 hours. The ceremony will begin with speeches, followed by graduates crossing the stage, finally followed by the conferral of degrees.

Ushers will release graduates row by row, beginning with the master’s level graduates in the College of Architecture and Design. Graduates and hooders will exit as directed by the usher, the graduate will hand their card to the announcer, and you should prepare to cross the stage with your graduate when it is their turn.

The doctoral graduate should keep their hood over their arm until reaching the top of the ramp before handing it to you. You will then stand behind your graduate to place the hood over their head. It is recommended that you and your graduate practice this ahead of time (perhaps while waiting in line at the processional) to avoid caps being knocked off or hoods placed upside down.

After being hooded, the graduate will pause at the top of the ramp for a photo, then you will both descend the ramp for photos by Big Orange Photography. If you are hooding multiple students, remain in place until you have hooded all of your students, and then descend the ramp with the final student.

Supporting Faculty

If you are attending as Supporting Faculty, turn right just after the security checkpoint. There will be a curtained area designated for Supporting Faculty to gather. This is an opportunity to meet with other faculty and prepare for the processional.

In order to help us plan, we encourage those wishing to attend as Supporting Faculty to let us know you’re coming at

The Supporting Faculty will begin lining up at 8:00 a.m., preparing to process in after the graduates. Ushers will guide the Supporting Faculty to rows of seats reserved on the floor at the front. All should remain standing as the stage party completes its processional.


The Alma Mater will be played at the end of the ceremony once all names have been read.

Once the ceremony has ended, the stage party will recess. Graduates, attending faculty and guests will then exit at the concourse level. No guests are permitted on the arena floor.