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GTA Shout-Outs

We have fantastic Graduate Teaching Assistants at UT. Check out what students are saying about them!

If you'd like to make your own shout-out to your favorite Graduate Teaching Assistant, here's your chance!

Michael Mann

From: Kristin Rearden

Michael recognizes that his feedback to interns has such a tremendous impact on their professional development. This is reflected in the level of detail he provides when reflecting with them on their lessons and the genuine care he has for their progress.

Caleb Bohann

From: Celine Phan

Caleb is always very helpful and understanding. He fosters a very laid-back learning environment, so we do not feel intimidated or afraid to ask questions. He seems to genuinely care about how well we do in the class.

Rebecca Layton

From: Lynn Hodge

Rebecca always goes above and beyond. She plans ahead and thinks about students' needs when she teaches. She approaches a variety of projects with enthusiasm and thoughtfulness. And, she has a wonderful, positive attitude.

Shande King

From: Lynn Hodge

Shande goes out of his way to support our graduate students in terms of their teaching and edTPA. He has also been a critical member of our team in supporting community engagement events for teachers.

Nick Kim

From: Lynn Hodge

I appreciate how Nick is so committed to teaching and his students. He really takes the time to get to know them and to design experiences that connect with who they are and the goals of the course/program. Also, he is always thinking ahead about how to improve our VFA project.

Kristen Kennison

From: Jamie Stauffer

She always has detailed notes and explanations for everything we do in discussion and lab. She takes time to make sure that we all know how to do the material and she prepares us well for exams. She WANTS to see us succeed!

Amanda Rigell

From: Amy Broemmel

Amanda is always thinking ahead...about how to support her students, about how to accomplish her work, about how to juggle the demands of family and community with the demands of grad school...all while dedicating time to critically thinking about the field and pushing us forward in compelling ways.

Sally Evans

From: April Haggard

Sally has been a great assets to our ASL lab and Deaf Focus area where she is always up for challenge. She was there for us during the most demanding time to help with the Canvas logistics. Thank you for all you do.

Ethan Swafford

From: April Haggard

Ethan is always ready and willing to take hours when another ASL Lab staff member is out. We have been blessed with him in our program. Ethan, I appreciate all you do.

Ellie Green

From: Ele Wood

Ellie did an amazing job of conducting labs and presenting information in my Biology 102 lab. She is incredibly kind, helpful, and knowledgeable about the topics we have focused on. She facilitates an engaging, collaborative classroom setting. I always look forward to going to lab because Ellie makes it such a great experience.

Sally Evans

From: Cheryl Shahan

Sally is so good with charts, especially with one chart where she was able to put all information about interns' placements onto one chart - so handy and appreciative! She cares about our interns professionally and personally. I'm grateful to have her as our GA so we can chat and figure out many things together. Thanks, Sally!

Carrie Buckner

From: Nora Vines

Carrie is an amazing instructor, supervisor, and all around support for our undergraduate and graduate elementary education folks! She strengthens our rural elementary cohort team in so many ways. Thank you Carrie for being grounded, thoughtful, and brilliant!

Andrew Deas

From: Alex Anastasi

He is always very generous to his students and wants them to succeed. He was always very respectful to all of us in class and treated us well. He's done a great job at transitioning us all to online class and helping us out! One of the best TAs I've had!

Ethan Swafford

From: Calvin Farley

Ethan is a decent man who works for our program. He is a wonderful assistant to our program in many ways especially for the lab. We have considerably benefited because he is one of a kind, an authentic and very devoted individual. In addition, he is a sports genius. Had fun conversations with him about sports in general. I enjoyed watching him by how he consistently ease his explanations to students and encourages others to do so as well.

Allison Becha

From: Aly DeMarco

Allison has been so helpful and encouraging throughout this entire semester that I've had her as a TA. She is very flexible in working with students, and she also makes sure to always let students know when they're doing a great job while also providing helpful feedback.

Allison Becha

From: Brendan Wallace

Allison, aside from being exceptionally brilliant, has been so willing to help both in and outside of class. She has helped revise my papers more times than i can remember... Thanks for all that you do!!

Nate Koerber

From: Kelly Wallace

Nate works side by side in all aspects of our program--supervises interns, teaches courses, engages in research! He is such an invaluable asset to our team. He also keeps us afloat with his thoughtfulness and sense of humor. Thanks, Nate!

Allison Becha

From: Tori Heavey

Allison is always super approachable and seems genuinely interested in us as students. She offers extra help and support when needed and goes above and beyond with her kind and encouraging words!

Klayton Tietjen

From: Codi Drake

Always brings excitement and enthusiasm to our class and goes out of his way to make sure every student is engaged and advancing in our course. Un professeur merveilleux!

Michael Perry

From: Mei Lia White

I have learned more from Michael in two years than I could ever be lucky enough to learn in a lifetime. Michael goes beyond when it comes to teaching his students whether it’s giving any information about scales to us or just reaching out to us to ask us how we feel about everything. Michael knows how to connect with his students and provide them with excellent and very useful information. He thinks outside of the box and gives us all a different perspective on violin and technique in general. I will miss Michael an extraordinary amount, but I am so excited to see his success in the future!

Matt Hensley

From: Stewart Waters

Matt consistently has proven to be one of the hardest working PhD students and GTA's I have ever had the pleasure to work with at UT. During the difficult time of trying to transition to online classes, Matt spent a great deal of his spring break working with me to prepare our ELED 422 social studies methods course to begin online instruction. I am grateful to have the opportunity to work with such an outstanding student and person! #BecomingDrHensley!

Kelsey Spurgin

From: Kimberly Wolbers

I trust Kelsey to teach our classes. She is knowledgeable, reliable, organized, professional, and innovative. We value her opinion immensely and have fully integrated her into our instructional team. She is always included in our class and program development efforts, and we have greatly benefited.

Isaac Ball

From: Bernard Issa

Isaac has been a fantastic GTA and GRA to work with over the years! He's a great teacher and student. Not only does he possess all of these fantastic qualities in his professional capacities but he's also a genuinely nice person!

Katie Rosenberg

From: Cindy Welch

Katie is an awesome GTA (and student)! She is conscientious, careful, strategic, and brings skills and knowledge from her past professional lives to enrich the work we're doing this semester. She is always ready to try something new or test a process, and allowed me to make her the point of contact for not one but two classes, to collect and anonymize information from my mid-semester check-ins. She keeps me on track when I need it!

Destiny Brown

From: Carrie Stephens

Destiny wanted more teaching experience in her MS program; therefore, she agreed to assist with ALEC 450. Destiny you have done an amazing job helping me expand the course initiatives. I am thankful I got to teach with you this semester and I appreciate your dedication to this teaching experience. I miss seeing you every Tuesday and Thursday!

Anna Chandler

From: Carrie Stephens

Anna Chandler has been assisting with ALEC 240 and also with the youth empowerment project in Uganda. Thanks Anna for providing awesome assistance with ALEC 240 and for being so diligent with the project in Uganda. Miss seeing you everyday!

Haley Kelso

From: Carrie Stephens

Haley Kelso has been assisting with ALEC 240 and has done an amazing job! This course face-to-face and transitioning to online would not have been as successful without her. Thanks Haley for all you do! I miss seeing you everyday!

Kamille Piacquadio

From: Heather Winter

Kamille, the Anatomy and Physiology course is so lucky to have your enthusiasm, intelligence, dedication, and humor. I wouldn't have want to read EKGs or perform dissections with any other guidance but yours, I only wish I had waited a year or two to take it! Your passion shines through in all that you do, and you are doing amazing things!!

Kelsey Holton

From: Leigh Martin

Kelsey is an amazing professor. She takes the time and energy to meet the needs of her students and get them to where they need to be. She is readily available to discuss class related topics or to simply chat about art and life. Kelsey has offered tremendous support to me as well as my fellow students and faculty members. Though it is her job to do these things, I feel Kelsey would do this in a heartbeat because she cares so much. Kelsey uses tough love to push her students because she knows their true potential. I am so blessed to have Kelsey as a teacher and a friend. Keep up the amazing work, Kelsey. Hope to be at least half of the amazing professor you are.

Jeremy Leierzapf

From: Will Kersey

Overall great guy, very helpful, very friendly. Most fun TA I've ever had. Held makeup labs when he didn't have to.