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GTA Shout-Outs

We have fantastic Graduate Teaching Assistants at UT. Check out what students are saying about them!

If you'd like to make your own shout-out to your favorite Graduate Teaching Assistant, here's your chance!

Bikash Bogati

From: Elizabeth McPherson

Thank you for assuming a leadership role in your course and for always being willing to share your advice/tips/tricks with others. Your students most certainly benefit from the experience you have with the material. Thank you for always being so helpful, for taking responsibility for things when you don't have to, and for having such a great attitude along the way!

Elliott Goldstein

From: Elizabeth McPherson

Thank you for your dedication to your students and for caring about and helping to ensure their success in the class. They do recognize your efforts. I appreciate your positive and upbeat attitude about teaching and am glad to be able to work with you. Thank you for all you do!

David Grant

From: Elizabeth McPherson

Thank you so much for stepping in to cover the lab with only days to spare (not an easy task!). I appreciate your good-humored attitude and ability to roll with the punches. Those qualities become really important when the unexpected happens! Thank you for communicating so effectively with your students and for your dedication to them and their learning.

Marcus Diaz

From: Elizabeth McPherson

You are always so prepared for your classes and your students appreciate that. You never seem to get flustered by things and that is a positive quality to have in a teaching laboratory where things seem to go wrong all the time. Thank you for caring about what your students learn and for helping ensure they do so. Thank you for all you do and for being such a model of consistency!

Jake Shaffer

From: Elizabeth McPherson

Your ability to think on the fly and come up with workable solutions is exemplary. I appreciate how enthusiastic you are when you interact with your students and I know that excitement is infectious (yes, bad micro pun). Thank you for all you do for your students and for being such a help behind the scenes!

Gwen Stark

From: Elizabeth McPherson

Your calm, kind demeanor and dedication to your students are obvious. I so appreciate the way you helped turn what could have been a very negative lab experience into something positive that still ensures student learning. Thank you for all you do and for being so cheerful along the way!

Mitchell Arnold

From: Ray DeGennaro

Always does the job right the first time.

Joshua Thorne

From: Ray DeGennaro

Everything done right, first time, every time.

Grant Wilds

From: Amelia Hart

It is in those moments when we need help, we get to observe and appreciate those who stand in the wings ready to serve, support, and assist. I observe Grant perform responsibilities with singularity, focus, and excellence across multiple courses. Accepting the challenges of each new task revealed your latent strengths and talents. Shout out to you Grant and thank you.

Reed Graham

From: Amelia Hart

Reed has been creative and innovative, willing and supportive, bold and brave in bringing students the tools that empowered them to become better scholars and more adept at learning and retention. Thank you for your diligence and commitment.
Thank you for making a mid-semester transition as my GTA [last Fall] despite the steep expectation and learning curve - seem easy. You responded to each ask without faltering, failing, or falling short. Shout out to you Reed and thank you.

Myracle Cross

From: Amelia Hart

Myracle... pushed, persevered, and persisted in being a model of why dreams and goals become reality. She [continually] encourage students, especially during moments of disappointment and discouragement, to never give up. Shout out to you Myracle and thank you.

You, yes, YOU GTA!

From: Don Eisenberg

I am a staff person, but wanted to take this opportunity to commend each one of our marvelous GTA's- that's YOU! I get to work with our alumni and I have to tell you that individually and collectively, GTA's changed their lives! You are a vital link in students getting to that joy-filled, "A-HA!" moment, as you help bring them from not knowing to knowing- what a gift! Thank you for investing your life in helping others to learn. These seedlings you are helping to plant will be mighty oaks one day! Thank you again! Go Vols!

Emily Smith

From: Laura Cole

Emily (EMILY!) was an incredibly thoughtful, hardworking, and professional GTA for the Bloomberg Market Concepts (BMC) program. She was always thinking of ways to make the program more efficient, and kept helping out even after her official work period ended. We need more like EMILY!

Hannah Hogan

From: Winston Smith

Hannah has helped the transition to on-line work easier by being flexible, available, and willing to help as needed. She has also worked hard to provide a real world experience for a challenging group project by having "Client meetings" with groups to discuss challenging processes both this semester and last semester. Thank you for all of the help!

Kate Moss

From: Tripoli Mulvihill

They always make discussion sections informative and easy to follow! They have also been super accommodating with the switch to online classes which has been extremely helpful.

Madeline Auge

From: Bonnie Maples

Shout Out to Madeline Auge, GTA in Instructional Services! Madeline has always gone over and above to offer a helping hand in the day-to-day operations of the Instructional Services, making sure all faculty, staff and students have what they need to fill their educational technology requirements. She always handles things in the center calmly, rationally, and joyfully while being a great support to not only me and my staff, but to all those who come to us for assistance. Wishing you the best of success in your next adventure!! We're all gonna miss you!

Kristan Watkins

From: Andrew Kivioja

Helped me and my group understand the complex topics of geology

Kristan Watkins

From: Holly Moons

Kristan Watkins was the best TA i’ve had yet so far, and she will be hard to beat. She went out of her way week after week to
help me not just in geology, but in many ways. She never gave up with me and made sure I fully understood everything before i left her lab room.
My first exam I made a 53, and with Kristans help for the next exam, I made a 92. Kristan, thank you for making an 8 am lab on Wednesday not so bad.

Federico Gonzaléz-Rivera

From: Bernard Issa

Federico has worked with me as a GTA for the past year and I have been impressed by his level of professionalism and excellence in teaching. He is able to work independently and produce stellar results! Based on my observation of his teaching, his students feel the same! The Spanish program is lucky to have him as an instructor.

Savannah Collins-Key

From: Roxana Gonzalez

In lab, Savannah always assured students through her words and actions that we would receive the assistance we needed in order to succeed in the GEO132 course.

Rachel Polston

From: Jackie Jacobs

Rachel is one of the best GTA's I have ever worked with. Not only does she do her "assigned" work but she goes above and beyond by proactively anticipating my needs and offering assistance to lighten my load and improve processes. She is extremely bright, organized, professional and reliable but is also fun to be around! Thanks for all you do Rachel~ you have a bright future and I am so glad we had the chance to work together this year!

Amanda Capannola

From: Meghan Moser

Amanda has been a wonderful teacher for my CFS 385 class! She wants you to understand the information in a personal way so you can relate to it better. She wants to see you succeed and is willing to help you anyway she can. Especially now with school being closed she continues to check in with us to make sure we are doing well not only with school work but also in general. She has gone above and beyond my expectations of a teacher and its really nice to know that she cares about us. I will miss being in her class she is a wonderful teacher!! Thank you!

Tanner Kilpatrick

From: Meghan Moser

I had Tanner as an actual teacher and now as an assistant in another class. Both times he always goes above and beyond what is expected of him and is always willing to help! He wants to see his students succeed and will do all that he can to make sure that we understand the information. Thank you for being a great teacher you made the class fun and interesting!

Kemba Walker

From: Bernard Issa

I have been lucky enough to work with Kemba over the past two years as a graduate student, and graduate teaching assistant. She excels in both of these areas! Thank you, Kemba for being a reliable and professional GTA in the Spanish program, all of your hard work is much appreciated!

Maggie Wieczorek

From: Hailey Wilson

She goes above and beyond for all of her students. She ensures the true understanding of the material whilst simultaneously caring about us as individuals and our lives outside the classroom. She’s made this transition a breeze.

Elizabeth Fincher

From: Nils Jaekel

Elizabeth has gone above and beyond to support her ESL interns in schools and now online. One recent example of her dedication to teacher education and her interns is that she co-created a new course over spring break to support our interns' clinical experience. She has put her creative mind into designing the course and has spent countless hours to make it the best possible experience for our interns.
Thanks, Elizabeth, for all the great work you are doing!

Justin Yan

From: John Hoffman

It was great to share an office with you for the last year. Thanks for all your help, and all your suggestions, when I came out of retirement to take over IB 409 last spring. Without you it would have been a very much more difficult job. I also appreciated the conversations we had, all of which shaped and pushed my thinking. Good luck on that dissertation defense - I know you will do a great job and we be very successful in your post-graduation life.

Allison Becha

From: Aubrey Robinson

Allison is such a wonderful GTA for the NORM 457 class! Whether she is giving an engaging presentation in class or sharing feedback on papers during her office hours, she is deeply invested in her students' success. I appreciate her approachability and willingness to assist students. Also, she has helped make the transition to online class a smooth one.

Tasha Lewis

From: Zoe Mooneyhan

Tasha helped each and every one of her students with their sculpture projects from brainstorming, to staying late to make sure their project stayed on track, to staging the final product! She is an amazing resource and makes sure she is available to help as much as possible.

Heather Matthews

From: Deborah Wooten

Heather is an awesome GA! She is one of the fastest learners I’ve met. She embraces challenges and eclipses expectations. With her impressive research and writing skills, she is an asset to our soon-to-be-published research project. Heather is always a pleasure to work with and I’m excited about her future.