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GTA Shout-Outs

We have fantastic Graduate Teaching Assistants at UT. Check out what students are saying about them!

If you'd like to make your own shout-out to your favorite Graduate Teaching Assistant, here's your chance!

Anthony Abshire

From: Nicole Garland

I'm convinced he enjoys teaching. He doesn't just dump the info on us and leave us to sort the details, he really breaks it down. During lab he is constantly on the move to answer questions during experiments. He is particular about showing us all the small details to make experiments more understandable. I appreciate his regular reminders to ask questions and ask for help. He understands how confusing the material can be and is ready to help us sort it out.

Alex Grossman

From: Nicole Garland

Alex has been a remarkable GTA from the beginning. I think current events has proven he is invested in the progress of his class as well. I appreciate his interest in helping his students understand the material and his own interest in the material itself. His lectures are thorough and enjoyable. I am sure he has his own busy schedule as a grad student, but he always seems available to his students. Thank you for being a GTA!

All Microbiology Graduate Students

From: Liz Fozo

The Graduate Students in Microbiology are always willing to pitch in and help each other, faculty, and staff. They are the best part of this department and thank you all for everything you do!

Eunice An

From: Spencer Smith

Eunice is the best GTA I have ever had. Every time I go into office hours or email her with a question, she always knows the answer and can explain it to me in a way I understand. This is every important, especially in a class like Accounting 204/499.

Kelly Melvin

From: Jennie Ivey

Kelly has continually met every task, presentation, meeting and demonstration I've assigned with professionalism, dedication, and the desire to continually improve. Its certainly not been easy but she's done a great job!

Eunice An

From: Hannah Liang

Thank you, Eunice, for all you do to help us in ACCT 204! Eunice is always so kind and patient with me when I need help or don't understand something. I'm very thankful for Eunice's help and support in this course!

Ashton Kelly

From: Cheryl Kojima

Ashton does it all! Farrowing pigs, tutoring genetics, and teaching her very not-tech-savvy-prof how to use Zoom! I couldn't function without her! Thank you, Ashton!

Julia Rowinski

From: Lannett Edwards

Many thanks to Julia who served as a TA for ANSC 320 this past fall. She always went above and beyond to connect with students and did what she could to help make for a fun learning experience for enrolled students.

Hunter Liles

From: Lannett Edwards

Many thanks to Hunter Liles for always going above and beyond for her students in ANSC 420 offered every fall. Her enthusiasm and passion for engaging our students in hands on experiential learning is much appreciated and valued by our Animal Science students and faculty. We thank her for all that she does to make for a great learning experience for our students!

Jessica Klabnik

From: Neal Schrick

Shout out to Jessica for her outstanding organization and change to online for a very hands on course, Beef Management! Her instructor is very proud of and glad for her initiate to keep the class informative and entertaining! Keep up the good work in teaching in the middle of your research activities as well!!!

Austin Boyd

From: Jennifer Ann Morrow

Austin is one of my GTAs and he is fabulous! He is always there to help students and provide feedback and is constantly helping to improve how we deliver the course.

Frank May

From: Alison Buchan

Thank you, Frank, for working with your biology lab students as we transitioned to online teaching. That you make yourself widely available for your students to reach you virtually has been instrumental in helping them keep up with their work. Who know your first year teaching would be so eventful!!???

April Armes

From: Alison Buchan

Thank you for going above and beyond to help your students transition to online learning, particularly challenging for hands-on lab courses. Your efforts to find interesting and innovative online materials for your students to access remotely are appreciated. As is your encouragement for them to keep their spirits up during these challenging times!

Elise Phillips

From: Elizabeth McPherson

Thanks for your attention to detail, your wonderful aseptic technique, and for your willingness to help! Your cheerful personality makes you a pleasure to be around and I’ve enjoyed working with you for the past few years. Thank you for being you!

Alex Grossman

From: Elizabeth McPherson

You’ve done a fantastic job taking charge of a course in which you had no experience and I appreciate all the time you’ve put in to learning the new information. Thank you for taking the time to ensure your students had all the tools they needed for online classes and, more importantly, knew how to use them. I also appreciate all the extra time you’ve put in to help your students during office hours and the time you’ve put in to ensure the final module of the semester could be taught effectively. Thank you for all you do for your students!

Hunter Rice

From: Elizabeth McPherson

You have a wonderful ability to think on the fly and come up with solutions when you do not have exactly the materials you need and always seem to make the best of challenging situations. Thank you for caring about what and how your students learn and for helping ensure they do so. Thank you for all you do and for being such so unflappable in the face of chaos!

Liz Denison

From: Elizabeth McPherson

Your calm, kind demeanor and dedication to your students are obvious. I appreciate you always taking the time to thoroughly understand everything before you go in to teach. Thank you for all you do and for having such a positive attitude along the way!

April Armes

From: Elizabeth McPherson

Thank you for all your ideas about how to continue the semester with online labs and for always looking out for the interests of your students. I know you put a lot of time into being an effective teacher and your efforts have not gone unnoticed. I do appreciate everything you do to ensure the success of your section and the entire course!

Sean Callahan

From: Elizabeth McPherson

Your cheerful nature and good humor make you a pleasure to be around. Thank you for your dedication to your students’ learning and for making sure your students have what they need to succeed. Thank you for being willing to try new things for the sake of your students. I appreciate all you do!

Benjamin Calfee

From: Elizabeth McPherson

I appreciate how you always seem to be a calm presence in the midst of everything. I do think your ability to remain unruffled helps your students remain cool when things do not go the way we’ve planned. Thank you for stepping in for others when they need help covering their section and for caring about the welfare of your students. I appreciate all you do for our teaching operation!

Selene Hess

From: Elizabeth McPherson

Thank you for always putting your students first. Your dedication to making sure they have all the tools to succeed is obvious and I am certain they appreciate it. I completely appreciate your willingness to take the lead on developing rubrics and online materials. I know the transition to an online lab has not been easy, but you’ve done a fantastic job. Thank you for all you do!

Liz Glasgo

From: Bethany Miracle

Liz was a pleasure to work with!! From the start, she was on top of everything. Dependable, hard-working, thorough, and flexible! I can't say enough good things about her. Thank you for such a great semester with us!

Whit Joseph

From: Andy Puckett

Does a great job serving our students!! Can be counted on to go above and beyond what is asked!

Sam Adams

From: Andy Puckett

Sam is outstanding. He can be counted on in every way and goes above and beyond the call of duty to serve our students. He hosts an excellent review session on Fridays.

Whitt Joseph

From: Ryan Farley

Whitt is incredibly helpful, thorough, and professional in everything he does. He's the best GTA I've had the opportunity to work with. He's top notch and I'm so fortunate he's working with our department.

Beth Bailey

From: Roy Schmardebeck

Beth does it all. She mentors students, anticipates questions, develops practice problems, grades assignments, and serves as a sounding board for some of my ideas. She takes initiative and her work is always high quality. One of the things that I most admire about Beth is her willingness to provide open and honest feedback. She's awesome!

Alex Tucker

From: Spencer Olmstead

Alex was an amazing graduate teaching assistant. In the fall 2019 semester, Alex was a TA for two of my Research Methods classes in CFS. She constantly reviewed MANY student assignments and provided invaluable feedback as they prepared to write a detailed proposal for a research project. I really enjoyed working with Alex this semester and am very grateful for all of her hard work and her thoughtfulness towards the students in these classes!

Spiro Papoulis

From: Elizabeth McPherson

Thanks for always challenging your students to think and for being willing to help them learn how to do so. I appreciate your creativity in designing assessments that help students see the big picture. I also really appreciate you being available to step in for GTAs when they need help covering a section.

Andy Wagner

From: Elizabeth McPherson

Your positive attitude and cheerful demeanor make you a pleasure to work with. Thank you for your dedication to your students and for helping ensure their success in the course. Your willingness to help with things behind the scenes means a lot. Thanks you for all you do!

tanner kilpatrick

From: chloe haren

He helps us with his "Tanner's Tips" for our assignments and is always ready to answer our questions!