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University of Tennessee Appeals Committee of the Graduate Council Bylaws

Draft: April 9, 2002
Approved by Graduate Council: April 9, 2009

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Appeals Committee Mission Statement

The Committee is authorized to consider appeals from graduate students concerning a grievance that has been unresolved at the department and college level. Appeals may involve the interpretation of and adherence to university, college and department policies and procedures as they apply to graduate education and grievances concerning grades. This committee does not consider grievances related to race, gender, religion, national origin, age or handicap (handled by the Office of Equity and Diversity).

Organizational Structure

The committee functions in support of the Graduate Council as one of its standing committees.

Membership and Officers

Ensuring a balance of representatives across colleges, the Chair of the Graduate Council appoints seven elected members of the Graduate Council to serve on the committee. One of the graduate student representatives who serves on Graduate Council is a member.

In conjunction with the Dean of the Graduate School, the Chair of the Graduate Council appoints the chair of the committee from the Graduate Council membership at the beginning of each academic year.

The Assistant Dean of the Graduate School serves as liaison to the committee to facilitate processing of student appeals.

Meetings, Decision-making and Reporting

The calendar for regular, monthly meetings will be set by the committee. If an appeal is pending, the Chair will appoint two other members of the Graduate Council Appeals Committee to serve on an appeals panel along with a graduate student member. The appeals panel will meet at the next scheduled meeting time.

The Committee follows the Graduate Council Appeal Procedure, as established by Graduate Council and published on the Graduate Council web site.

The Chair summarizes the activities of the Appeals Committee to the Graduate Council at the next appropriate meeting without identifying student or departmental information.

Amendment of Bylaws

Committee bylaws may be amended by a two-thirds vote of committee members and subsequent approval of Council.