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Thesis/Dissertation Approval

This form is used by Doctoral candidates and Master’s candidates in a thesis program to receive approval of their thesis or dissertation, as a requirement for graduation. Candidates should have already submitted a thesis to TRACE electronically.


  1. Fill out all fields on the form, being certain to provide the complete and accurate title of the dissertation or thesis. Note that this title will appear on your transcript exactly as typed in this field.
  2. If you wish to request an embargo that will delay the posting of your electronic thesis or dissertation (ETD), you will need to complete the Initial Embargo Request form. For more details on the Embargo Policy, please see the Graduate School website. Be certain to sign where indicated, and get your advisor’s signature.
  3. Initial the spaces at the top of the second page.
  4. Get the signatures of your advisor and committee members, using either physical signatures (with a pen) or electronic signatures. To use electronic signatures, email the file to each in turn (do not send to all committee members at the same time). They will send the signed file back to you to send to the next person.
  5. If you are having difficulty getting signatures, please contact the Graduate School at 865-974-2475 (, and we can help find a solution.
  6. Deliver the form to the Graduate School. If you have used electronic signatures, email the signed form to If you have used physical signatures, you must deliver the original, signed copy of the form to the Graduate School either by mail or in person. At this time, the Graduate School cannot accept scanned copies of this form.

It is the candidate’s responsibility to ensure that the form has been delivered to the Graduate School by the deadline date.

Faculty Instructions

When you receive a form to sign by a student, sign and return it in one of the following ways:

  • If the student sent a file by email that allows you to use electronic signatures, apply your signature, and email the saved form back to the student.
  • If the student brought a file that does not allow you to use an electronic signature, simply sign with a pen and return it. Do not scan and send this form by email; the Graduate School cannot accept scanned copies of this form.