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Second Deadline Graduation Application

This form is to be used by graduate student candidates who were unable to meet the deadline dates for the current semester. If accepted, this form will allow the candidate to graduate in the following semester without being required to register for thesis or dissertation credit (500/600) during that semester.

Be certain to check the deadlines published by the Graduate School for the current semester. These deadlines include information on dates for the second deadline, including the deadline date for this form, the dissertation defense, and final submission of dissertation.

In order to be eligible for the second deadline, you must have enrolled at least 3 credit hours of 500 or 600 for the current semester. You must have applied to graduate through MyUTK for the semester in which you will graduate if approved. You must also be certain that by graduating next semester, you will not be beyond the official time limits for your degree (see the Graduate Catalog for specific time limits). Also, you must have been admitted to candidacy for the current semester by the deadline date for that semester. Finally, you must have defended your thesis or dissertation by the second deadline date.


  1. Fill out all fields on the form, being certain to check all boxes acknowledging that you have met the requirements for a second deadline application.
  2. Sign the form either using an electronic signature or a physical signature (with a pen).
  3. If you use an electronic signature, save the form and email it to Otherwise, sign the printed form and deliver it to the Graduate School by any of the following methods:
    • scanning and emailing the form to
    • printing and sending the form by mail to the Graduate School
    • printing and delivering the form personally to the Graduate School main office