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Remote Participation Notification

It is expected that all members of graduate committees should be physically present at all required oral examinations including the culminating thesis, dissertation, scholarly project or capstone defenses. Under special circumstances, however, it is permissible for the student, and/or committee members to participate from a remote location provided the conditions listed below are met:

  • Advance agreement of the student and all committee members has been obtained.
  • All participants join using university adopted video conferencing tools that allow for screen sharing.
  • The thesis, dissertation, scholarly or capstone project has been distributed in advance to the remote participants.
  • The committee members participate in real time during the entire, complete meeting, discussion, presentation, and evaluation.
  • The student, with the assistance of the major professor, is responsible for making the scheduling arrangements; the major professor accepts responsibility for the oversight of any logistical arrangements necessary.
  • Any costs associated with remote participation are not the responsibility of the Graduate School, and must be arranged in advance.
  • The UT requirement of a public presentation for oral defense of dissertation is still in effect.


  1. Fill out the form, being sure to provide both the method and the reason for the remote participation, as well as the names of all who will participate remotely.
  2. Print out the form and obtain the signatures of all committee members.
  3. Deliver the signed form to the Graduate School at the time you schedule your defense. Use one of the following methods:
    • Take the original, signed form to the Graduate School personally.
    • Send the original, signed form to the Graduate School by mail.
    • Scan the original, signed form and email it to