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Graduate Restart Program Request

The Graduate Restart Program is intended to assist former University of Tennessee graduate students whose cumulative UT graduate grade point average (GPA) is below a 2.00 to re-enroll in a degree program or graduate certificate program without having to overcome the burden of previous unsatisfactory academic performance. To be eligible for the program, a period of at least 3 years (36 months) must have elapsed since the former student’s last enrollment. Students can apply to their previous graduate program, or a different graduate program under the Graduate Restart Program. This form is required as part of the application process for the Graduate Restart program.

Instructions for Student

  1. Fill out all fields on the form in the Student section.
  2. Adequately answer the three questions listed on this form as part of your Graduate Restart petition. You may use additional pages to complete each question, if needed.
  3. Sign the form using an electronic signature (visit the Graduate School for instructions on this process).
  4. Save the form and email it to the department head or director of graduate studies who is supporting your petition.
  5. If the department head or director of graduate studies endorses your request, they will need to send it to the Graduate School at

Instructions for Department Head or Director of Graduate Studies

  1. Review the information on the form provided by the student.
  2. Please check the box indicating your acknowledgement and endorsement for the petition and sign the form under Department Head/Director of Graduate Studies.
  3. After saving the form, email the form to the Assistant Dean at with the subject of “Graduate Restart Petition Form”. Note this form will not be acceptable if it comes from any email address other than your UT email account.