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Change of Registration

Students should use this form when needing to request a change to their registration, specifically adding and/or dropping a course. This form should only be used if the change of registration is for the current term, and the deadline for dropping and adding courses has not passed. If the deadline for dropping and adding courses has passed, please use the Late Change of Registration Form.

With this form, a student may request to:

  • Add or drop a single course
  • Change the number of credit hours registered for a single course
  • Change the section for a single course

Be aware that you may be charged additional fees as a result of a change in credit hours. Contact the Bursar’s Office for details.


  1. Fill out all fields on the form in the Student section. You are encouraged to work with the course instructor or your advisor in filling out the details.
  2. Print the form and sign it where indicated.
  3. If the instructor endorses your request, ask them to sign and date where indicated.
  4. Deliver the signed form to the Graduate school, either by delivering it personally or scanning and emailing it to