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Student/Faculty Research Awards

The Student/Faculty Research Awards are awards to be used to advance the work for both faculty and graduate students. Every award requires a Student PI and a Faculty PI. The benefit to both should be evident in the proposal. Graduate students in those disciplines (e.g., arts, humanities, and social sciences), which traditionally do not work with a PI, and/or do not expect to publish jointly with a faculty member are also eligible to apply. Such applications must show that the student’s research proposal is approved and under the direct supervision of a faculty member. These awards are intended to help support student research; give students experience writing grants; and foster the mentoring relationship between faculty and graduate students.

Grants up to $5000 will be awarded to student/faculty pairs who submit proposals for funds to support research or creative projects. The funds may be used to purchase supplies needed for research; for travel to work in other laboratories, libraries, or archives; for specialized training or in a variety of other ways, so long as the outcome will be the professional development of the graduate students and the advancement of an identified research/creative agenda of both the student and faculty member. Special consideration will be given to students and faculty who do not have current, or recent, institutional support for their research.

UT fiscal policy must be followed in all expenditures in order to receive the award. If conducting research with human subjects, PLEASE consider incentives other than gift cards, since Fiscal Policy requires that names be reported when gift cards are distributed. Except in extraordinary circumstances, Student/Faculty Research funds will not be used in support of travel to meetings or for purposes of scholarly presentation. Nor will Student/Faculty Research funds be used for faculty or graduate student salaries, overhead, or publications fees. All compliance requirements (e.g., IRB, IACUC, IBC) must be followed in order to be eligible for these funds.

Proposal Instructions

Each proposal should be sent for review and evaluation by the department head. The deadline for proposals for Fall 2018 is October 1 by 5:00 p.m. The applicants should submit proposals to the departmental office at least one week prior to this date to allow time for review and recommendation by the department head.

Each proposal must include the following arranged in the order shown:

  1. cover sheet
    On this downloaded cover sheet, be sure to include the name and phone number of a departmental contact who will be managing the funds. If the Faculty PI is not the Student PI’s major professor, provide the name of the major professor, and indicate that the major professor has endorsed the proposal.
  2. a narrative of no more than 1000 words (excluding references) describing the proposal
    This should be written for an educated, nonspecialist audience and must include the following:

    • a clear explanation of methodology
    • expected outcomes
    • evidence of the collaboration between the student PI and the faculty PI
  3. a statement of how the project will advance the professional development of the student PI (250 words or fewer)
  4. a statement of how the project is related to the faculty PI’s expertise and research agenda (250 words or fewer)
    If the faculty PI has extramural funding, please address he independent nature of this work from funded research.
  5. an itemized budget for the amount requested
    Requests should be for amounts between $1,000 and $5,000. Be sure to indicate a projected timeline for use of the funds.
  6. if applicable, documentation of an invitation or host institution support
  7. CV of the faculty PI (5-page limit) and the graduate student PI (2-page limit)
  8. endorsement letter from the department head

These materials should be submitted to Catherine Cox either by email (, by mail, or in person.


A Subcommittee of the Graduate Council, along with the Vice Provost and Dean of the Graduate School and a representative from the Office of Research and Engagement will evaluate proposals and make awards.

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