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Start Date for New Students in 12-Month Assistantship Positions

The start date (first day of work) for new students in 12-month graduate assistantships (GA/GRA/GTA) should be no earlier than the first day of the month in which the graduate student will begin classes.

Occasionally departments want to start new students into their 12-month graduate assistantships (GRA/GTA/GA) early in the summer, even if those students will not start classes until the fall semester. This is not appropriate since students on graduate assistantships should be currently enrolled in classes. Also, they are not eligible for student health insurance because they have not yet started taking classes—a requirement to be eligible for student health insurance.

If a department wants a student to begin work in June or July but the student will not be enrolled in classes until August, the student should be hired as a UT Student Assistant (or some other temporary position) until August 1. The Office of Human Resources will allow the UT Student Assistant position to be used for this purpose even if the student is not currently taking classes if the student has been admitted into a graduate program for the fall semester. However, note that a UT Student Assistant who is not taking classes is not eligible for student health insurance.