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Faculty & Staff

The Faculty and Staff at the University of Tennessee are integral to the success of our graduate education programs. The Graduate School can help you get information to advise and mentor your graduate students.

Graduate Council

The mission of the Graduate Council is to promote excellence in graduate education at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville.  Working with the Dean of the Graduate School, this body of elected representatives from the colleges establishes standards for admission, retention, and graduation; assesses curricular revisions and new proposals for graduate programs; evaluates interdisciplinary, intercollegiate and international programs; and considers new initiatives and other matters of policy pertaining to graduate programs.

Directors of Graduate Studies

Each academic department or program has designated a tenured or tenure-track faculty member who is the director of graduate studies. This individual, with the assistance of the other graduate faculty, is responsible for the administration of the graduate program(s) in the department/unit and also serves as the contact person with the Graduate School.

Business Managers

The Graduate School is responsible for managing centrally funded waivers, and there is information related to that which may be helpful for staff in colleges and departments that work with financial matters. These business manager resources are to provide Graduate School guidance on working with centrally funded waivers, fellowships, and assistantships.

Student/Faculty Research Awards

The Student/Faculty Research Awards are awards used to advance the work for both faculty and graduate students. Every award requires a Student PI and a Faculty PI. The benefit to both should be evident in the proposal. Graduate students in those disciplines (e.g., arts, humanities, and social sciences), which traditionally do not work with a PI, and/or do not expect to publish jointly with a faculty member are also eligible to apply. Such applications must show that the student’s research proposal is approved and under the direct supervision of a faculty member. These awards are intended to help support student research; give students experience writing grants; and foster the mentoring relationship between faculty and graduate students.

Grants up to $5000 will be awarded to student/faculty pairs who submit proposals for funds to support research or creative projects. The funds may be used to purchase supplies needed for research; for travel to work in other laboratories, libraries, or archives; for specialized training; or in a variety of other ways, so long as the outcome will be the professional development of the graduate students and the advancement of an identified research/creative agenda of both the student and faculty member. Special consideration will be given to students and faculty who do not have current, or recent, institutional support for their research.

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