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Graduate Assistantships

For those who are GA/GTA/GRAs at UT, please communicate with your supervisor regarding your obligations for the remainder of the semester. Until the end of spring 2020, classroom instruction will be delivered online. If you are a GTA, communicate with your supervisor regarding resources for online delivery of instruction. If you are a GA or GRA, communicate directly with your supervisor about work assignments during this period.

GTA Spaces in the Library

Following CDC guidelines, the university is strongly encouraging anyone who is able to telecommute to do so.

Contingent space to common areas in Hodges library can be requested by graduate teaching assistants who:

  • have a need to remain on campus to perform work related to online instruction.
  • do not have space or technology provided by their departments that allows for appropriate social distancing.

These arrangements will be based on need and not on individual preference for work space.

Anyone who requires use of this space for social distancing must respond to this survey in order to be considered. Access will be granted according to need and available space. Additional information will be sent to those who are granted access to the Hodges space with details on workspaces and availability. Please complete the form as soon as possible.

As always, the Libraries will continue to serve instructors and students in an online environment through the website at

Resources for Teaching

The Office of Information Technology has developed a website showcasing the technology tools that are available to support working and teaching remotely. It also provides information about the extensive online support that OIT staff can provide to help instructors shift to online teaching.

Teaching and Learning Innovation (TLI) has developed a website devoted to helping instructors make a quick start to online teaching. Review the “Getting Ready” tab for a list of things you can do right now to make the transition easier for you and your students. Then browse through the extensive list of resources TLI has compiled to support high-quality online teaching and learning.

Instructors who experience technical difficulties during class should call the OIT HelpDesk at 865-974-9110. Calling this number will assign your call a higher priority than calls to the regular HelpDesk number, 865-974-9900. Use the regular number to schedule one-on-one consultations with OIT.

Check back at the UT Coronavirus website for updated resources.