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Graduate Assistantships

For those who are GA/GTA/GRAs at UT, please communicate with your supervisor regarding your obligations, especially through summer 2021. If you are a GTA, communicate with your supervisor regarding resources for the mode of instruction that will be used. If you are a GA or GRA, communicate directly with your supervisor about work assignments and obligations.

Resources for Teaching

The Office of Information Technology has developed a website showcasing the technology tools that are available to support working and teaching remotely, including how to teach in various modalities (hybrid, alternating, face-to-face, etc.). It also provides information about the extensive online support that OIT staff can provide to help instructors shift to online teaching.

Teaching and Learning Innovation (TLI) and VolsOnline have developed an online hybrid teaching guide for instructors. This guide contains things you can do right now to make the transition easier for you and your students. You can also browse through the extensive list of resources TLI has compiled to support teaching during COVID-19.

Instructors who experience technical difficulties during class should call the OIT HelpDesk at 865-974-9110. Calling this number will assign your call a higher priority than calls to the regular HelpDesk number, 865-974-9900. Use the regular number to schedule one-on-one consultations with OIT.

Check back at the UT Coronavirus website for updated resources.

Student Attendance, Engagement and Support

The Office of the Provost has developed the following resources to assist instructors with promoting undergraduate student attendance and engagement. We encourage you to review these resources as you make your plans for instruction this fall.

If you or your scholars need additional support, please contact the appropriate campus department:

Safety in the Classroom

It is important for instructors to know the rules of the classroom during COVID-19. Read more about social distancing, face coverings, cleaning procedures, etc. at the UT Coronavirus website.

Remember the Chancellor’s guiding principles: compassion, creativity, flexibility. All students have been asked to take the Volunteer Commitment, and we expect our students to do their part to protect everyone on campus. Instructors may be called upon to compassionately remind students of the rules, find safe and creative ways to engage students, and be flexible but firm in keeping the entire class safe.

To help your students in complying with UT policies, it may be useful to have a supply of extra masks on hand when going to your classroom. Please see the business manager in your department about ordering extra masks. In the unlikely event that a student does not comply with wearing a mask, please use gentle encouragement to ensure compliance, but do not allow others in the classroom to be at risk by non-compliance. Ask the student to leave the classroom, if the student does not comply. If it becomes absolutely necessary, dismiss the class and report the incident to the Dean of Students (