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#TweetYourResearch Contributions

Tweet Your Research

Thanks to everyone who participated in the recent #TweetYourResearch challenge! Here are some of the Graduate School’s favorite responses, showing the kinds of great work being done by our graduate students.

Nick Oldham (Entomology & Plant Pathology)
“Researching pollinators in wetlands and how that ecosystem affects them. If we improve wetland quality, we will help pollinators? Also a special focus on hover flies because they’re super cool and we want more people to know about them!”
Sara Sultan (Bredesen Center)
“Do you worry about peak electric consumption cost and demand charges? I am designing a thermal energy storage system integrated with the conventional heat pump, to provide space conditioning during peak hours. It saves utility costs and provides grid flexibility”
Siera Reimnitz (Child and Family Studies)
“From Brunch to Board Games!! A dyadic exploration of couples’ shared activities as these experiences may be associated with relationship functioning (e.g., satisfaction, closeness, quality).”
Rakesh Kamath (Materials Science & Engineering)
“I probe the fundamental phase transitions occuring at the micron-scale in high-performance metallic (titanium and nickel) alloys using high-energy X-rays to help metal 3-D printing technologies get closer to realizing its full potential!”
Ashlee Smethers (Theory and Practice in Teacher Education)
“I hope to help current teachers, future teachers, and paras to learn effective strategies and provide coaching and feedback to support their skills in hopes this will improve students behavior outcomes. I hope this helps teachers feel more confident and successful.”
Grace Sarabia (Chemistry)
“I utilize Raman spectroscopy to identify biosignatures in environments which mimic potentially habitable areas beyond earth”