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Major Graduation Deadline for Fall 2017

If you are planning to graduate from a graduate program in fall 2017, November 17 is a major deadline to be aware of.

Doctoral Students

  • Submit your final dissertation to Trace and have it accepted by 5:00 p.m. Dissertations are approved and accepted by Dissertation Consultant. Survey of Earned Doctorates certificate of completion must also be submitted by this date.
  • Submit your Report of Final Examination (Pass/Fail) form (this will be provided to you by your graduation specialist) and Dissertation Approval Form by 5:00pm to the Graduate School.

Master’s or EdS with Thesis

Master’s or EdS without Thesis

We want your graduation to go as smoothly as possible; if you have any questions about the deadlines or what you need to do, do not hesitate to contact the graduate school at (865-974-2475), and we’ll talk you through the process.