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Improvisation in Teaching Workshop

The Tennessee Teaching and Learning Center is hosting a workshop led by Stefanie Benjamin, assistant professor in the UT Hotel, Restaurant, and Tourism Management program. Through discussion and practice, her improvisation workshop will focus on guiding participants to build fundamental skills—knowing your audience, connecting with your audience, and building confidence. The improvisational games lead by Dr. Benjamin enhances participants’ critical thinking, listening, and communication skills allowing for a creative and open experience. The skills learned with improv workshops helps folks learn how to “yes-and” a situation and work through issues in a collaborative manner. Taking an improv workshop with Stefanie helps boost your confidence and be comfortable with the concept of failure. This workshop will be held February 9, 2017 from 11:10-1:10 in Fred Brown Residence Hall, Multipurpose Room 146BC. Interested participants are asked to register.