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Graduate Hooding Ceremony - FAQ

Q: I have personal items with me during the ceremony that I can’t leave at my seat when I am walking across the stage. Will there be a place to store such items?
A: There will not be an area that is secure for graduates to leave personal items. If you have items that you have to have with you, please ask one of your guests to keep them for you.

Q: Will there be a rehearsal for the graduates?
A: There will not be a rehearsal or formal information meeting for the graduates because of limited access to the arena during that time period. If you have questions that are not addressed on the Graduate School Hooding Ceremony web page, please call 865.974.2475 for further information.

Q: Is there a way to return the rented hood after the hooding ceremony?
A: Yes, representatives from the UT Book and Supply Store will be located in the Ray Mears Room to receive the rented hoods following the hooding ceremony.

Q: Some of my guests have difficulty with walking on stairs and walking long distances. What directions should I give them for getting to their seats in the arena?
A: For guests who have difficulty managing the ramp from the street up to the concourse level, we recommend that you drop them off at the east entrance located on Phillip Fulmer Way where a handicapped elevator can be found. Once inside the building at the street level, guests may take the elevator up to the concourse level. On the concourse level, guests may then select a seat that is close and with as few steps as they can comfortably manage. The ceremony will be projected by camera on big screens near the stage and will be visible from any seat in the arena.

Q: Will there be food served after the ceremony?
A: No. No food will be served.

Q: Will I get my Diploma in the ceremony?
A: Diplomas will be mailed to permanent addresses. Please be sure to visit to verify or update the permanent address for accuracy.

Q: Who is supposed to hood me?
A: Doctoral candidates should be hooded by their major professor or another faculty member from the dissertation committee. The candidate is responsible for inviting the hooder and arranging for his/her arrival. Master’s candidates wear their hoods when walking across the stage to greet (to shake hands with) the college dean during the ceremony.

Q:My parents would like to attend the hooding ceremony, but they live out of the country and must have an invitation to travel to the U.S. Is there a document or letter that I can send to them so that they can obtain a visa to visit?
A: Yes, there is a request form that is available on the Graduate Hooding Ceremony web site that allows graduates to ask for letters of invitation. The form is available at Request Form Invitation To International Family Members to Enter U.S.