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Fellowships, Assistantships, and Other Funding Sources

Fellowships, Assistantships, and Other Funding Sources

Graduate Fellowships

List of Recipients for the Graduate School Fellowships 2016-2017

Fellowships are awards that typically require no service. Most fellowships are awarded on the basis of academic merit and potential for scholarship.

Graduate Assistantships

Graduate assistantships are the primary source of funding for graduate students at UT and are offered by academic departments and administrative offices of the university. An assistantship is a financial award to a graduate student for part-time work in teaching, administration, or research while pursuing an advanced degree. Appointments are normally on a one-fourth to one-half time basis, usually requiring 10 – 20 hours of service per week. The annual stipend is payable in either nine or twelve monthly installments. In addition to the stipend, Graduate Teaching Assistants (GTA), Graduate Teaching Associates (GTAssoc), Graduate Assistants (GA), and Graduate Research Assistants (GRA), with appointments on a one-fourth time basis or higher, are entitled to a waiver of maintenance fees and tuition for the period of appointment in accordance with university policy. These appointments also include a benefit of health insurance for the student.

While there is no central point of contact for information on GA positions in administrative offices around the university, some positions are filled periodically in college advising centers, admission offices, residence halls, and other service offices. When announced by the administrative office, openings for the assistantships may be announced here.

Other Funding Sources

Prospective applicants and current graduate students are urged to apply for fellowships or grants from national, international, industrial, or foundation sources. The Office of Research & Engagement also offers a listing of non-university fellowships for post-doctoral candidates and graduate students.