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Graduate Assistantships

Graduate assistantships are offered through many departments and colleges. Information concerning these types of assistance can be obtained from the department in which the student plans to study. All assistantships are governed by the Policy for the Administration of Graduate Assistantships.

Graduate Assistantship Openings*

Office of Information Technology (OIT)
Graduate Research Assistant Position

A Graduate Research Assistant position is available for Fall 2014. Ideally someone who will be here two years or longer. This position includes tuition waiver, salary, and health insurance. You will be trained by the current GRA.

Work will in part be related to administration and implementation of a web search engine. Making XSLT interfaces, API, etc. Implementing new search technologies as they are released. An interest in learning details of search engine technology.

Web server performance analysis and web server administration will be part of the task. Knowledge, or desire to learn about web servers, configuration and administration of web servers, web system monitoring and analysis tools. Will help teach occasional workshops on various topics, like search technology, SQLite.

Knowledge/ Skills required:
• Comfortable with UNIX operating system
• Proficient programming with at least one scripting language

Knowledge/ Skills helpful but not required:
• Web programming CSS, HTML, Javascript, PHP
• Database administration and scripting skills , SQL, etc.
• XSLT or XML experience is a strong plus
• R/Python/PERL scripting language is a plus
• Knowledge of Apache web server, and/or any other web server Apache Traffic Server, Nginx, etc. software is a plus
• Search engine optimization is a plus
• Background with any enterprise DB programming (Oracle, SQL Server, PostGreSQL, MySQL, etc)
• UNIX system administration knowledge
• JAVA programming , mobile applications
• Bioinformatics (not required, but helpful)

For inquiries, send a resume via email to John Rose:
Office of Information Technology


FOR 2014-2015 academic year

Review of Applicants Will Begin April 20, 2014 & Will Continue Until Positions Are Filled

JOB DESCRIPTION: The Women's Studies Program is searching for two graduate teaching associates-- 25% and 50% time. Both positions include teaching one section of an introductory women's studies course each term. Appointment at a 50% level carries the additional responsibility of assisting the program chair in programming and office administration. When applying, please indicate which level of appointment (25%, 50%, or either) you are willing to consider.

QUALIFICATIONS: Applicants should be graduate students in good standing, have teaching experience or teaching internships at the college level and have taken 18 hours of upper division, advanced, or graduate course work in fields or topics related to women's studies. Appropriate graduate coursework may include research papers, theses, or dissertation work related to women's issues, as well as specific courses on women's issues or gender issues. Course work may be drawn from a wide range of departments or programs, not only from courses listed for credit specifically in Women's Studies. Application materials should provide information on teaching experience and relevant coursework.

CRITERIA: Commitment to the study of feminism and other issues of concern to women, a strong academic record, teaching experience, and evidence of responsibility in carrying out academic and/or administrative tasks. Students from any program, department, or college may apply.

POSITION BENEFITS: The stipend for a Teaching Associate at 50% time will be approximately $12,799.00; for 25% time it will be approximately $7350. Additional benefits for either position are a tuition waiver and maintenance fees as well as eligibility for health coverage (activities fees are not included).

Provide materials as email attachments and include your last name and GTA in the subject line.
1. A statement of your interest in the position, including your background in courses that focus upon women's issues and your experience in programs for women. Please include a statement of your training in, experience in, and approach to teaching. (send electronic email attachment)
2. A resume that includes your educational and work history, as well as any honors or awards you have received. (send as electronic email attachment)
3. Two letters of reference from recent professional or academic supervisors. These may be submitted directly by your references to []
4. Transcripts from each college and graduate school attended

RETURN TO: Email: (preferred contact)
Phone: 974-2409
After a first screening of applications, we will schedule interviews.
Dr. Cheryl Travis (Chair), Women’s Studies room 307 Jessie Harris Bldg,
1215 Cumberland Ave., Univ. Tennessee, Knoxville, TN 37996

*Please check with the concerned department about the status (open/close) of the positions before applying.

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